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Dibiase - It's All On You

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Uploaded 03/09/2018


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11:59 PM April 16, 2018 inlovewithself via iOS App:

In the traphouse playing C-Lo with the scammers& da drug dealers. I love the country twang. Nice
11:49 PM April 16, 2018 Afrimillion via Mobile:

Aight then keep lit mu****a
12:26 PM March 31, 2018 Joeblowiam via iOS App:

I ain’t no street cat but I love authentic street music. I work at (Walmart) stocking groceries etc. this tape Moe3 tape and key Glock tape been getting me through my work shift for a month strong. Kansas City messing with ya “chief”
6:13 AM March 31, 2018 JasmineLester84 via iOS App:

My lil brother tape riding ok go head then Real Kirkwood Nigga I can vouch. Proud of you boy😘❤️
7:31 AM March 23, 2018 Bossladyrita305 via iOS App:

From Lil Haiti 2 Lil Mexico Miami to Atlanta 😘
12:16 AM March 19, 2018 TrayDay305 said:

This **** ride Cant flex i didn't pass nun
9:13 AM March 16, 2018 antwainmastin via Mobile:

4:42 PM March 12, 2018 MemorialDrive via Mobile: